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Parlin, NJ



An accomplished artist who works in a variety of mediums, Glenford presently resides in New Jersey. Much of his works incorporates his passion for nature and his love for people. With his unique style, Glen catches the essence of the Caribbean lifestyle, which he grew up in.

Born in the Island of Dominica, Glen grew surrounded by nature which influences his art even today. He has participated in numerous art shows, both local and international and continues to do so. Because of his dedication to the arts, Glen was invited by the government of Dominica to teach art in some of the elementary schools in his island and is listed along with other artists in the Dominican book, ''Our Island Culture''. His works are in numerous private collections in the Caribbean, the USA and Europe

Before immigrating to the United States, Glen owned and operated the only art gallery in Dominica. Life in the U.S was very different for him, but visiting the Art Museums in New York City, gave him the inspiration to continue his career. With that desire to further his skills, Glen enrolled in the Art Student League of New York, where he studied.

On the invitation by a friend to participate in the Annual Fulton Art Fair in New York City, Glen entered and won the first place award and prize. He continued participating in many exhibitions, and it was at the Castillo Gallery in New York City, at one of his showings, that Glen was interviewed by Gentle Ben of GBTV program ''Culture Share''. It was a Caribbean cultural show, where his art soon became the background design for the program.

He continued showing various art shows in New York, Miami and the Caribbean. His deep love of nature is evident in most of his works. Glen often says ''despite what goes on in our lives, we just have to look around us and see the wonders that the creator have given us''. He believes that if we just take some time out of our busy lives and pause to enjoy nature, our lives will be more fulfilled.

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Coconuts I by Glenford John


Conversation by Glenford John


Bloom by Glenford John


Brooklyn Life by Glenford John


Best Friends by Glenford John


Brooklyn Fountain by Glenford John


Tropical Dreams by Glenford John


Tropical River by Glenford John


Coconuts by Glenford John


African Queens by Glenford John


Squatters by Glenford John


Barack Obama by Glenford John


The Dream by Glenford John


Brooklyn by Glenford John